Monday, February 13, 2012

Post CNY-merriment ... Spring Awakening

A Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year to all my readers (yup .. all 3 of you and the 1 who accidentally clicked on my link). May 2012 bring you bucketloads of prosperity and wealth until it all spills over to me.

GonG Xi Fa Cai !!!!

In China, CNY is also known as the "Spring Festival," how apt is it that I am gonna watch Spring Awakenings in 2 days time ...!!! In typical Pangdemonium style .. promotion of this show was done tastefully and rather low key and under the radar. No LOUD advertisements being flashed on billboards, taxi doors and buses.

Of course, this is not gonna be a show for the masses as from what I have heard (I have not read the original book) .. it deals with several "real-life" topics which are very much taboo in our Asian culture, issues which all teenagers face but are too afraid to talk about .. I wonder how is it gonna be played out here in Singapore. I have read several reviews and spoke to some of my friends who have already caught it and they gave pretty good reviews about it. Many of them felt that it connected to them and was better understood than 2011's "Into the Woods," which many felt was rather abstract and draggy. This is a musical so I am gonna be expecting lots of high-energy dancing. As it is a ROCK musical .. I expect to be deaf by the end of the night !!

Anyways .. it will be good to see Adrian Pang in the theatre again. The last I saw him perform was at "Into the Woods" where he was not exactly the main cast as he was in "Boeing, Boeing." I like Adrian because he does not overact .. he just does enough .. and he has very good diction and has a very pleasant "angmoh" accent.

Anyways ... I haven't had my "arts fix" for a few weeks so I am very very very much looking forward to catching this.  Will post my review after.. stay tuned. Anyone wanna join me????

Get your tickets .. show running from now until the 26th Feb 2012 at Drama Centre Theatre.

In the meantime .. a happy Spring Festival to you all ... hope you get your Awakenings too :)

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