Sunday, January 15, 2017

Akan Datang - W!ld Rice's La Cage Aux Folles ..

Happy New Year to all of you !! May 2017 bring you Great Health and Wealth !!

La Cage Aux Folles. This is not the first time La Cage has been done by W!ld Rice. W!ld Rice brought La Cage to us at the Esplanade Theatre in mid 2012. My biggest regret was that I could only watch it once as tickets were sold out weeks before it opened. I wanted to watch it again and again. I loved the songs, the singing was excellent, the dancing was brilliant and the acting brought tears to my eyes. I was not the only one mesmerised. From what I read, the house had standing ovations every night during that 2012 run. My review of the 2012 edition can be found at here.

La Cage Aux Folles is a musical comedy based on a play written in 1973 but its meaning and values are even more valid today than then. It is about embracing diversity in our ever increasing complex relationships. What I love about La Cage is it brings a new perspective on family relationships and challenges our preconceived archaic norms on it. La Cage debuted on Broadway in 1983 and has been played all over the world to sold-out crowds garnering many awards. The movie ‘Birdcage’ starring Nathan Lane and the late Robin Williams was also based on this musical.

W!ld Rice promises a re-imagination of La Cage in 2017. The producer Glen Goei, has assembled a team of the very best in the industry from the music director, the choreographer for the dance scenes, costume designers (absolutely stunning.. I have seen a sneak preview) and actors. The two main roles will be played by Ivan Heng and Sean Ghazi. Need I say more? Supporting actors include Hossan Leong, Darius Tan, Jo Tan, Dwayne Lau and Erwin Shah (all of whom are outstanding in their own right).
Dazzling photo from the 2012 production

For the 2017 re-telling, W!ld Rice has decided to play at the Victoria Theatre. Imagine the dazzling lights, gorgeous costumes against the backdrop of the classic Victoria Theatre. WoW ... its gonna be great ! If anyone here can make La Cage shine ... its will be W!ld Rice.

W!ld rice will have a La Cage Aux Folles specific website at which goes live on 16 January 2017. Tickets also go on sale via SISTIC on the same day. Showdates are from 19 April to 13 May 2017. My advice to all of you is get your tickets early !! I am very sure that tickets are going to fly off really really fast. Also there will be various discount tiers based on how early you buy your tickets from bumper discounts of up to 25%.  

As we enter 2017, Singapore faces a lot of uncertainty economically but to borrow a line from one of the songs of La Cage, “We face life though its sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter; face life, with a little cuts and lots of glitter.” Let W!ld Rice give you something sweet and glittery this year. Go catch La Cage....

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