Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coming Soon. Vocaluptuous ... Love .. Laugh .. Live ... Charity concert

Hello folks …. its been a loooong time since I last posted here … sorry was working overseas and was really swamped blah blah blah .. Anyways what better way to get back into Singaporedramamama and to welcome the festive season than a Vocaluptuous preview !!!

Vocaluptuous is Singapore’s numero uno Acapella singing group. I can easily attest that they are also one of the best in the region … and some say Batam. They have performed all around the world and have been invited many times as special guests to international Acapella events. To date I have heard them about 6 times at various editions of Crazy Christmas, other Acapella events and of course their own concerts. They get better and better every time I see them, from the improved harmonies to the on-stage showmanship. Their singing style comes across to be as fun, heartfelt, perfectly in harmony and blended with a dash of jazz for added kick. The onstage actions are playful, cheeky yet sincere and heartwarming (you must experience them to understand what I mean). It is really a combination of all that makes them so good.

Vocaluptuous is having a concert this 22 December 2014 at the Esplanade Concert Hall. It is going to be a one-nite-only show. It is going to be a full-length Vocaluptuous-only concert and not the Vocaluptuous teaser of 1-2 songs. IMAGINE THAT - VOCALUPTUOUS FOR ONE AND A HALF HOURS !!! This concert is titled ‘Love Laugh Live’. This is the perfect time to spread the message of Living in Love and Laughter.  The song list includes new compositions, old classics and of course Christmas favourites with the Vocaluptuous twist.


It is a very special concert too as through this event as this concert is a Fundraiser for the Asissi Hospice.
So much recently has been about Pioneer Generation and how much it can save you on medical fees .. but what if there isn’t any medical care left .. then what subsidies are there? What is hospice care? The Asissi Hospice helps to ensure that the Love and Laughter goes on for the terminally ill. All ticket proceeds and donations will be donated to the Asissi Hospice. Vocaluptuous target is to raise $300,000 for the Hospice so that they are able to reach out further to more who need palliative and hospice care. 
(more details on donations can be found on the flyers)

So what are you waiting for guys, go share with your friends about this concert and head to Sistic to grab yer tickets for what promises to be a wonderful treat to your senses by Vocaluptuous. More information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Vocaluptuous
It’s the season for giving .. it’s the season for sharing .. what better way than to give the present of Love and Laughter to the ones who need it most this Christmas.… it may be their last...