Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mayday or Wu Yeh Tian (五月天) ... 突然好想你 (suddenly miss you so much)

Hi all !! Greetings from SingaporeDramaMama. Sorry it has been almost 6 mths since my last post. Honestly, Les Mis was the last thing I caught in the theatre. Since then I have been busy with real life to watch anything much.

What I DID catch was Mayday concert in August and Jay Chou concert in September. The less I say about the Jay Chou concert the better. All I wanna say is I will never watch a Jay Chou concert again and no more concerts in National Stadium as well.

Which brings us to the Mayday concert. Most of you may not know who Mayday is. Mayday is a Taiwanese rock band. More information about them can be found here. They have been around for ages but I only knew about them about 8 years ago as introduce by S. Only in the last 1-2 years have I started actively listening to them. I heard that their concerts were super so when they were coming here for concert, I thought I had to see them. This year, they came to Singapore for two nights (5th & 6th August). I only managed to get 1 single ticket for the 5th August and so I couldn’t bring S with me. They were here for their “Just Rock It” tour.

I will not be going into full details of the concert as you can easily read more about the concerts on the internet. All I can say is IT WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!! It was so good that I did my best to get another two tickets for the 2nd day concert and took S along. IT WAS INCREDIBLE !!!! BOTH NIGHTS !!! I have never been so entertained at any show, any concert, any play and any event in my entire life. Every minute of the 3 hours per concert was filled with joy. Over the years I have gone for Santana, Clapton, Metallica, Mr Big, Emi Fujita etc concerts but this is easily the best ever. In October I went for the Mayday concert in Kuala Lumpur as well and it was again wonderful. I will be going for 2 nights of Mayday concert in Tokyo early 2017 as well !! This time at the Budokan !!! This is my first time to the legendary Budokan and to watch Mayday !! If not for work commitments, I will be in Taipei now to catch the Mayday concert. 9 days of Mayday concert !!!!!

For once, I am lost for words about how great the concert was. The showmanship, the energy, the crowd, the music .. all together just WoW !!!! The ironic part is that, I do not even understand Chinese but I am so crazy about a Taiwanese rock band !!! As I told S, she has made me into a Mayday-monster. My friends all think I must be the biggest Mayday fan in the world to travel all around the world to watch them. Also at every concert, they sing generally the same songs.. BUT … each concert is the same BUT YET different. I just cannot explain it but the joy I feel at the concert is just unexplainable. Even now as I watch their music videos, I cannot help but smile but yet I feel sad because I am not able to watch them live. I have never felt such an affinity to any other musical artist or group before.

It is very disappointing that just one month after the Mayday concert in Singapore, I watched Jay Chou and wow … talk about such a big difference. The Jay Chou concert was boring, drab and so bad that I left halfway.

Anyways, with the festive season coming up, let me take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. May 2017 bring you all good health and continued blessings !!!

Cheers !!! (which is coincidentally the title of one of my fav Mayday songs)