Friday, August 30, 2019

Sudah-Lah .. NOT !! .. My Review of Hossan-Ah 50! Love you Leong time!

Greetings and salutations to all of you. It has been two years and 9 days since I last wrote my last review on Army Daze 2. Due to work and personal commitment, I went into semi-retirement from this blog. Over that period, I went for Phantom earlier this year (pretty bad), Pangdemonium’s ‘This is What Happens to Pretty Girls’ (superb) and ‘Broadway Beng 2019’(good). However, I have decided to come out of my hiatus because of Hossan Leong’s ‘Hossan-ah-50 – Love you Leong time.’

Firstly, I must say that I was very lucky to be able to get tickets for this show. As of the time of writing, tickets for the remaining two shows have already been sold out. Sorry Hossan that I couldn’t give you my 5-star rating earlier as I could only get tickets for the 29/8/19 show. (as though Hossan is going to read this !!!) For those who couldn’t get tickets, I must say that you have missed out BIG TIME !!

At 50 years old, I must say that Hossan is still very energetic. He performed for almost two hours straight without any break or interval. He sang, played the piano, did his stand-up comedy routines full of his typical gusto and charm. Everything he did on stage was excellent. His singing was wonderful and his jokes had the entire drama centre laughing off their seats. The timing of his jokes coupled with his actions / facial expressions and improv skills were spot on. All totally new material. I have not laughed so hard and much at any show ever. In fact, I think this must have been the best comedy show I have seen by a local artiste ever !! Hossan must have really gone through a lot of planning and preparation for this show. During the widely-acclaimed ‘princess segment’ even the videos flashed against the backdrop were all carefully scripted to extract maximum laughter from the audience. If there was anything to complain about this show, it was that two hours of Hossan was not enough. It was as close to a perfect performance by Hossan as possible.

It is kinda sad that he has decided to cut back on his solo performances and instead move on to other challenges. I for one will surely miss him and I am very sure many, many in Singapore will miss him greatly. Thank you Hossan for this wonderful show. You are sure-as-hell not a ‘has-been.’ It is because of artistes like you that I happily do this. Hope to laugh with and/or at you again very soon.