Friday, January 6, 2012

..I just want to wear my tudung ...

Event : iChestnuts 15
Venue : Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel

Date : 5th January 2012, 8pm (opening nite)

The first time I saw Chestnuts in action was Xmas 2010 .. and from then I was hooked. I make it a point to catch every Chestnuts show if possible eversince. (Most of the time I catch each show more 2-3 times in fact).  Why? So many times? Too much money is it? It is all down to the wit and razor sharp writing prowess of Mr Jonathan Lim that keeps me coming back. Like an excellent movie/book, subsequent visits open up new laughs .. moments of “Oooh .. didn’t catch that the last time … rotfl..”  This is not because I am “siri” or “slow”… just that Jon cramps so much into each line and each skit that it is extremely difficult to catch it all in one viewing.
iChestnuts 15 proved to be a winner yet again. I rounded up a whole load of my friends (15 in fact, one came in all the way from Malaysia specially to catch it) and prepared them for 2 hours of crazy laughs. Boy was I wrong .. it turned out to be 3 hours of laughs … YUP 3 hours straight .. Jon, Rodney, Dwayne, Judee & Judy !!! By the end of the show they looked really exhausted. iChestnuts 15 was special in that it included some of the “greatest hits” of all the earlier Chestnuts. The new segments were really good as well. Keep your eyes peeled for the super-short "in-betweeners" they really packed a whole load of punch within like 1-2 minutes. In my opinion, the skits I loved (new ones) were the 3MM one, Death Notes, the "maid" ones and of cos Pondan News Central. I think the 5/1/2011 show was extra special because Jon's pants actually dropped during that segment (Was it on purpose??? Hmmmm..notti notti Jon... I also feel like throwing away my iPhone 4S now ..)

Kudos to the stage and the sound/music/lights crew who did an excellent job with providing all the support which is often taken for granted. Timings for the lights/sound/music was excellent. Not much required in regards to stage sets as the sets were fairly simple (ed : Chestnuts is all about the acting and with minimum fuss about huge sets etc). Costumes were hilarious .. check out the Milo and Gardenia bread packs and toilet rolls ...
As there may be some of you who may be going to watch it over the next 2 weeks .. I shall not spoil your fun by detailing all the skits and killing the jokes. I will be writing a full review after iChestnuts 15 run comes to a close (and after I watch it a few more times). All I can say now is .. boys and girls .. PLS GO BUY YOUR TICKETS if you are a Chestnuts virgin. If you aren’t .. you already know what to expect !! At the end of the show .. me and my friends were super tired from all that laughing. As one of my friend said to me after the show ..”Some of the skits remind me of Monty Python..” I really cannot think of a higher compliment than that !!

Keep the laughs flowing guys …

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