Monday, August 5, 2013

Le Mis + Wolverine + 6.9 + Jon Lim = Chestnuts 6.9 : the Less Miserable White Paper Preview !!!

The last time there was a Chestnuts show was January 2012. It has been almost been 18-19 months since then. No Chestnuts. I have been pestering the producer .. when is the next Chestnuts?? When when when??? The response I got was usually .. Not so soon la .. or Not enough material to hold a meaty show. So we waited and waited … IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED … a brand-new Chestnuts .. complete with all new content (this was what I was promised). The last Chestnuts show was Chestnuts 15 … this one is Chestnuts 6.9 : the Less Miserable White Paper. I guess most of us would know what the number 6.9 means !!! At least those of us in Singapore would.

As expected from the penmanship of Mr Jonathan Lim … the show promises new mash-ups, bash-ups and an evening full of ‘roll-on-the-floor’ laughter. From what I have read in Jon’s rehearsal notes, there is going to be singing (le Mis + Jonathan style) .. there is some physical stuff with barriers .. there is going to be parts about the latest Wolverine movie (so advice is to quickly catch the movie before you watch Chestnuts)… and MORE. You can view videos of their past “works” at their facebook page ( ). You can also read my preview / review of their last show somewhere on this blog.

Why change something when it ain’t broken right? So the original cast are back minus Rodney plus a ‘special guest.’ Both Judy and Judee, Dwayne and of cos Jon will be acting / singing / dancing. The venue for this edition of Chestnuts will be at the Drama Centre Theatre from the 16th – 25th August. There will be no shows on Monday and Tuesday (hey 5 actors – 3 hours .. need to rest leh!!). You can find out more details from again from the FB page and you can grab your tickets from Sistic.

If anything .. Chestnuts is one of the funniest shows put together in Singapore. It is no slapstick ha-ha comedy .. but witty lines and super good/accurate parodies translated to Singapore context. So if you need a night or more of laughter to get away from the 6.9million people .. there is no better place than to catch Chestnuts !!! Anyone fancy more nuts???


  1. I watched Chestnuts 6.9 tonight and I have to say I was absolutely disappointed. If I could summarize it in one word it would be: TERRIBLE. I have watched previous editions of Chestnuts and thought they were funny, witty and entertaining. Unfortunately, the latest edition is totally lame, not funny, amateurish at best and simply not worth anyone's time or money. The only enjoyable part was a rehash from previous years' incarnation of Ris Low's fictional sister, but the remaining 95% of the show was simply terrible and I honestly could not wait for the show to end.

  2. The Les Miz/Wolverine singing is far too dragged out. Prefer more political jokes. Overall, not as good as previous years (and I have watched every single one). Kudos to Jonathan and the cast - can see them sweating on the stage! On to Chestnuts 2014.

  3. I agree with you anonymous guys. Check out my review .. hot off my keyboard.

  4. your review is way too kind on the show. i read the straits times' review and somehow the reporter found it to be excellent, which i think is ridiculous. you say the show offers "value for money" given its length but i absolutely beg to differ. how can it offer good value when more than half the time i sat there stoned face, staring at my watch and thinking to myself: WTF WHEN WILL THIS SHIT SHOW END?!

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