Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A True Beauty... my Review of Beauty and the Beast

I caught Beauty and the Beast a few weekends ago. It was staged at the Mastercard Theatres at MBS. In my opinion, the seats at the Mastercard Theatres are extremely uncomfortable and the acoustics here are not as good that at the Esplanade and Victoria Theatre. I also caught Phantom and Sound of Music at the Mastercard Theatres and the music and singing can be muffled at times. That is why I try to avoid catching anything there. I wonder sometimes why they choose to stage these musicals there. Anyways it was pretty full with way more adults than children. I guess these adults must have loved the original Disney cartoon. A bit of a spoiler here but though the storyline is the same as the cartoon, NOT all the songs are the same. So how was it?

It was good. Really beautiful backdrops, sets and props. The singing was absolutely marvellous. Especially Belle !! I think she really stood out amongst all the other cast members. The Beast was good and Gaston did his smug, strutting act well but next to Belle, they all paled in comparison. I think she will do an excellent Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. I can just imagine her singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in blue overalls and white blouse and red ruby shoes !!!  The other supporting cast – Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts & Chip were all good too in their roles and brought everything together very nicely.  

The backup dancers were superb. They were very energetic and the costumes that they were in … WOW !! A lot of money must have been spent on the costumes and the backdrop sets and props. The props and sets were not just 2-dimensional but full 3 dimensional and interactive as well. That may be why tickets are so expensive !! But I feel that they were worth it. In fact, just watching “Be Our Guest” on stage was worth it !! The colors, the dancing, the effects .. spectacular !!
If I had any complaints, it would be minor things like the Beast and Gaston could up their singing more. I don’t think Disney or the production can do anything about the uncomfortable seats or the acoustics in the theatre.

So folks, go catch Beauty and the Beast … it will be here up to the 3rd May 2015. This is the original Broadway production .. so expect really high production values and fantastic entertainment !! It is a real visual treat for the whole family !!! .. just make sure you bring some comfy pillows !!!

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