Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Upcoming : Sight Lines' BooM .. the effects of Economic Development !!

Barely a month since the wildly hilarious TrainStopping … Sight Lines productions have another production coming up – BOOM ! (‘!’ added by me for dramatic effect .. see I can be director / producer / something-er too).. If this production is anything like TrainStopping .. it is gonna be great.

Boom was first and last staged in 2008 and written by Jean Tay. It basically tells of the feelings and emotions of several people (dead and alive) when their homes go en-bloc. Boom has been made into a book and used as an ‘O’-levels literature text for secondary students. The premise may seem rather straight-forward and simple …. But it is in these simple productions where you really see the emergence and strength of good acting and directing.

The cast of BOOM is mainly focussed on the young talents of Singapore Arts. I do see some familiar faces in Andrew and Erwin. I have seen both of them on stage before. Erwin must be like some sort of a superman. This is his 3rd production this year. I have said in my previous posts that I definitely see him to be a big star in Singapore theatre. He is a “cakap bahasa Inggeris” version of Najib Ali in his versatility and poise. (my opinion) With my limited theatre exposure, I have not seen the other cast members before.

The Creative team of Derrick, Jean and Engie need no introductions. Derrick and Engie are a power-packed duo with a very keen eye for details. These minor details (a’la TrainStopping) are what audiences remember and keeps them coming back. For a fledging Theatre company and young directors .. Sight Lines is showing a great deal of promise. Here’s hoping BOOM does well giving a boost to all the young people involved in this…

Dates            : 28 June – 8 July 2012

Time             : Tuesdays – Fridays : 8pm

Saturdays & Sundays : 3pm & 8pm

No shows on Mondays (Monday off la !!)

Venue           : DBS Arts Centre, Home of SRT

Prices           : $40 - $55 (excluding SISTIC handling fee)

Agent           : SISTIC (

So please come along .. young and old .. and experience the ups and downs of “forced relocation..” … how “economic development” has led to a loss of heritage and culture and how the dead and the living deal with it …

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  1. hahaha you are very funny! I just saw this and I thank you again for your kind words! Boom is actually my 5th production this year. I will be gone for awhile in August but when I return I think you'll be quite surprised (maybe not) and excited in the production and role I'll be playing in October! I can't release any information yet but do await patiently! :)

    thank you again,