Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To fly off to Inkpot .. or not to be ... that is the question ... NEED YOUR COMMENTS BAD !!!

Hi All !!! Sorry for not posting anything over the past few weeks. Work has been pretty much hectic and I haven’t had any time to watch anything …

.. Also .. I wrote to “flying inkpot” applying for a role as volunteer reviewer for the website. The editors went through my blog and gave me many good and constructive comments as to how to improve my writing skills before I can be part of their team. I am still very much mulling over it.

I can very much change my writing style to suit a more “learned” audience but then I think that I will lose part of the charm of this blog. As posted way earlier, this blog is for the everyday people (like me) who seeks alternative entertainment other than cinemas and casinos … underaged girls and pubs .. who wants to enjoy an evening of mixed emotions at a play .. laughing at comedies in the theatre .. and just chilling to the best of Singapore’s arts scene. This blog is NOT meant for Arts & Literature lecturers and students .. NOT meant to critique the acting or the theme … nothing technical here .. just Me telling people what I saw .. what I liked .. what I think can be done better (based on watching other stuff) .. and getting to know people who like what I write.  And I do it all in my everyday style .. using everyday words … This blog was started in December 2011 and since then I have had 4,000 hits (out of which half is probably me!!!).. I just wished that more people will leave comments rather than just read and bugger off. Tell me what you think so that I can write better or more to cater to what you want ..  

Anywayz .. if I were to join Inkpot, I will probably have to close down this blog as I do not have the time to write multiple reviews in different styles for one show. <I have a full-time day job … a part-time night job (stop giggling!!!) ..> .. so what do you guys think?

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  1. Dun wan... stay here! Or juggle both and quit your part-time career at Raffles Place! Seriously, the flavour of these journals, thanks to the Drama-Papa, is what keeps theatre-cyber space fun, and arts reviewing enjoyable. I refer you to an old blog,, I just reread cos I entered something long ago. We don't need more of that. At the same time, I respect and appreciate what the team at Inkpot does, as it serves its readers, Singapore's theatre artists, and theatre marketers' needs.

    Drama-papa however, is the only place for theatre we can say, "Dun wan!".

    t.'s two-cents.