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Akan Datang : Alfian Sa'at's Cook a Pot of Curry .. presented by W!ld Rice

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Everyone one of us has some prejudice inside us, but only the strong and respectful care to hide it.’
Author unknown

PRCs, NRIs, Ah Tiongs, Pinoys, Cina Kwee, White Trash … these are all terms commonly used in Singapore to describe a person based on their race or nationality. They are all derogatory in their own way. A local Chinese will comment about how the China Chinese talk “so loudly and are so rude.” A local Indian will comment about how the India Indian “act as though they are white and atas.” How many times have you heard your friends saying something similar?

With more and more immigrants in the country, the locals are getting more and more testy and irritated by the immigrants actions. The number of PRs being given out is being scrutinised.  The number of work permits, S passes and Employment passes are being questioned. There is also a growing fear of “foreign enclaves” within Singapore. The Indians have Serangoon, the Philipinos have Lucky Plaza, the Burmese have Peninsula Plaza and the Thais have Golden Mile.

Some of these unhappiness have erupted into very public spats such as the “Jollybee” boycott. To make matters worse, some have become from discriminating based on nationality to being borderline racists. The internet is rife with many such comments (just look at the ST Forum) and Facebook posts. A classic example would be Amy Cheong and her Malay wedding comment. Another ‘event’ which received quite some media attention was the need for mediation between two neighbours of different ethnicities and their makan habits. All over the cooking of curry, which brings us to W!ld Rice’s world premier of Alfian Sa’at’s Cook a Pot of Curry.

Cook a Pot of Curry is written by Alfian Sa’at and directed by Glen Goei. It features a six-member cast including the evergreen Neo Swee Lin, Rishi Budhrani and the red-hot Judee Tan. It is a play about the issues faced by both the locals and the foreign immigrants and their living together in this ‘little red dot.’ From what I understand, the play will be based on numerous interviews with Singaporeans, new PR holders and the foreign talents. It seeks to highlight the problems faced by all parties but are unable to express.

Alfian Sa’at needs no introduction. He is one of Singapore’s brightest playwrights with his plays receiving both local and international awards. His plays are also frequently used by Literature students in secondary schools and junior colleges here. He has a knack for telling a story which is so true to home (pun intended) in a way which we can all laugh about.

As this is presented by W!ld Rice, we can be sure that the audience will be treated to a sensory treat.

All I can say is … come catch ‘Cook a Pot of Curry’ and I am sure you will not regret it. Of course I will be there and will provide my review after. Until then, would anyone like some curry …???


Director : Glen Goei

Set Design : Wong Chee Wai

Producer : Tony Trickett

Cast : Rishi Budhrani, Nelson Chia, Noorlinah Mohamed, Neo Swee Lin, Najib Soiman, Judee Tan

Venue : The Singapore Airlines Theatre, LASALLE College of the Arts

Show Dates : 3 – 20 July 2013

Ticket Prices : Previews at 8pm on 3 & 5 July: $40, $50

Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun at 8pm & Sat, Sun at 3pm: $45, $55

Fri & Sat at 8pm: $50, $60

(Prices exclude $3 SISTIC handling fee)

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