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Preview : Everything But the Brain by Jean Tay .... presented by Sight Lines Productions

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It has barely been 2 months since Edges the Musical (early April 2013) and they are already advertising their next show, “Jean Tay’s Everything But the Brain.”  or EBtB for short. This play was first staged in 2005 and again in 2007, each time to sold out runs. However, 2012 is the Sight Lines version of EBtB. It also garnered two awards in the 2006 ST Life! Theatre awards for Best Original Script and Best Actor – Gerald Chew. GUESS WHAT … Gerald will be back .. reprising his role in the 2012 edition as well !! Woo Hoo !!

Sight Lines’s dynamic duo of Derrick and Engie will be directing and producing EBtB respectively. The cast of the show seems like a good mix of veteran actors in Gerald, Koh Wan Ching and Edward Choy. I last saw Gerald Chew in 2012’s W!ld Rice production of Romeo and Juliet. The young actors are Faizal Abdullah, Amanda Tee (last saw her in Boom … pls read my review of Boom for more information) and Cassandra Spykerman (related to Rebecca and Kimberly Spykerman). I love to see mix of veteran and young actors together. The balanced, steadiness of the veterans together with the exuberant, eagerness of the young stars always provide for good viewing.

“My brain tells me it will be better to just let him go. My heart... not so much.”
Author Unknown

It was about one year ago that I caught Jean Tay’s Boom also presented by Sight Lines. I can still remember the stage set for Boom and being completely in awe of it. However, what I remembered the most was the storytelling. The way the message was delivered to the audience. Boom was a relatively serious play (it had its funny moments) with a very powerful message .. about home and family and clinging to the past. From what I read in the EBtB synopsis, I can tell that there is a powerful lesson within which we have to face and learn. Under Derrick and Engie, I am pretty sure there will be plenty of light moments to keep the audience ‘awake.’ As I have always said, Sight Lines is a production house which focuses on the minor details which make the whole play and experience for the senses. You not only see and hear the actors, but you can feel the atmosphere via clever and non-distracting stage sets, excellent sounds and effect. All may seem minor but they bring enable the audience to better experience the play rather than just be present at a “play reading” session with some acting in between.

Again guys .. if you missed Boom last year… make sure you do not miss Eveything But the Brain. If you have watched anything produced by Sight Lines … you will know the high quality production that you will be getting … for those who are Sight Lines ‘Virgins’ .. you must catch this to see what they are capable of. Great work Engie and Derrick !! Keep it up and All the Best !! Stay tuned for my review ….

Dates & Timings: 10 – 11 August 2013, 16 – 21 August 2013

 No show on Mon

Tues – Fri: 8pm

Sat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm

Venue: DBS Arts Centre, Home of SRT

Ticket Prices: $35 - $55

Prices exclude $3 SISTIC handling fee

Ticketing Details: SISTIC

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