Sunday, July 30, 2017

Wah Sibei Song ah !! Army Daze 2 lai liao !!!!

Many of you would have watched Michael Chiang’s Army Daze before. It was originally a novel made into a theatre play which was first released in 1987 and made into a highly successful movie in 1996. There have been several reruns of this widely acclaimed play since then with minor tweaks such as different lines, different songs and with different cast members. However, the premise has been the same. It is about 5 young men from various backgrounds, of different races and most importantly different behaviours enlisting for National Service. The play tells in highly hilarious way on the troubles of these 5 men adopting to NS, being away from their loved ones and how they grow through NS and what happens when they end NS.

This time, Army Daze 2 is the continuation of the original. Army Daze 2 is a brand new play again written by Michael Chiang and directed by Beatrice Chia-Richmond. The show also promises many new songs composed by Don Richmond himself (btw he is my Sec 3 and 4 classmate!!!). Army Daze 2 tells the story of the original 5 men and their lives after NS, in fact 30 years after ROD. To make matters more interesting, there is also an underlying comparison between NS today and then through the NS journey of one of the original 5’s son.

Army Daze promises to be a barrel of laughs with great acting. Just looking at the cast and you are guaranteed high quality top-of-the-drawer entertainment. We have Hossan Leong, Chua Enlai, Shane Mardjuki, Joshua Lim and Ebi Shankara .. all current top Singapore play actors and comedians. Then we also have Jo Tan last seen in La Cage and Oon Shu An from the recently concluded Boeing Boeing. In addition, Army Daze 2 debuts Singapore’s own X-Factor (Australia) sensation – Ms Natalie Ong.

Script by Michael Chiang  + Stellar cast + Don Richmond’s Music + Beatrice Chia direction = SURE WIN LA !!!

Army Daze 2 will be showing from 4/8/2017 to 20/8/2017 at the Drama Centre Theatre at the National Library. Tickets are selling out really fast and you can grab them at SISTIC.

What better way to salute our men in uniform this NS50 year than to laugh it all out at Army Daze 2. Make sure you find a way to catch the original Army Daze before hand !!!!

See ya there .... 

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