Sunday, July 30, 2017

We are born of love; Love is our mother. ... my preview of Mother I (2) by Ver Theatre

Once in a while I like to watch and experience something ‘off the beaten track’, away from the W!ld Rice’s colorful pantomimes, or the Pangdemonium’s big budgets epics. The last few years I have caught Melancholy Play by Couch Theatre and Boom by Sigh Lines and really enjoyed them and the very high quality of presentation. These works depend heavily on the acting and delivery due to the usually smaller budget, lesser use of props and smaller venues. Also they normally tackle very serious topics which are usually taboo.

I am very glad to be invited by my good buddy Catherine to catch her upcoming show called Mother I (2). This is presented by Ver Theatre. It is called Mother I (2) because there was a first part done last year. The general theme of the show is about mothers. Their growth, feelings, and journey through different phases of motherhood. The first part of Mother I was about the trials and tribulations of being a mother during childbirth in this new era.

Mother I (2) continues this with the child growing up and the mother having to go through this growing up stage with the added complications of current world issues such as when the child is separate from the mother, bringing up a challenged child and having to cope with a child facing gender acceptance issues.

These are very heavy issues and I will really be anticipating on how a small cast of just three persons will be able to convince the audience to share in their joy and pain.

The venue for Mother I (2) is the Goodman Arts Centre Black Box at Goodman Road and tickets are on sale now at This show will run from 10/8/2017 to 13/8/2017 with just 5 shows. So quickly go grab your tickets before they are sold out.

I for one will want to watch this as I personally feel that small independent production houses need to be heard and you will be amazed at the acting of some of these newcomers. Just better bring your Kleenex as I am sure it will be a tear jerker.

Stay tuned for a review of Mother I (2).

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